Site FAQ Page

What is a KEY Contact?

It's the term this software uses to designate the person in charge of your company/brand's membership.

What can a KEY Contact do within this site?

The KEY Contact can:

  • Can view your company's Sales Level if your company is a Premium Member.
  • Can designate other staff to also be a KEY Contact (you can have more than one KEY Contact).
  • Will get the renewal email.
  • Can update info about your company.
  • Can add or remove employees access to this site. Only give direct employees access.

How would I know if I'm set up as a KEY Contact?

Upon the initial launch we emailed KEY Contacts advising them about their access. However, that person could have designated you as the KEY Contact as well. A member can have one or more KEY Contacts.

Within the site, here's how you can see if you're a KEY Contact:

From the Home Menu > My Profile > My Profile (you may need to click my profile twice)>Your Organization. If your menu shows up with Your Organization with numerous options to the right such as the below picture, then you are a KEY Contact. Here's what it looks like:


What if this membership has more than one KEY Contact?

It's a good idea to have more than one KEY Contact. We are using the term "main key contact" to describe the person who will receive a renewal email next year that is generated by the software, but any of the KEY Contacts can view and pay invoices for their membership.

How do I unsubscribe or otherwise manage my communications?

When you click on the My Profile menu, you may notice a sub menu labeled "Contact Preferences" with a number of different types of communications.
Mail List Preference: We don't use the member portal to send newsletters, so turning this on or off will have virtually no effect. If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletters, unsubscribe from the email that we send through mail chimp (look at the bottom of the email).
Social Community Emails: At go-live we set these in the "Off" position, but you're welcome to turn them on.
Forum Subscriptions: If you've subscribed to a forum, you'll have some options available to choose.
Global unsubscribe: Currently, we're only using the member portal to send login credentials and renewal information (renewal info should just go to the key contacts), so unsubscribing here is not recommended.

How do I opt-out of the social features?

You could simply ignore the social messages that come across in the member portal or opt-out of the Directory Search.

To opt-out of the Directory Search, click on the My Profile menu (you may have to click twice), then scroll down, click edit, and change your Directory Search setting from Opt-In to Opt-out.

The Directory Search does NOT include your email or phone number. It just allows other people to see a small part of your profile so that they can connect with you within the member portal (similar to friending in Facebook). Try it, and you'll see what information is available. You can also block people.

Will I be bombarded by solicitation in the social community?

We don't think so. During beta testing, we got feedback that people wanted these features, so we accelerated their roll-out far ahead of schedule, but we know you may be concerned about solicitation so we created a sort-of "shield" to deal with this.

The so called shield, is simply a security setting that Supporting members can not see contact information about Premium and Standard members. The result is Premium and Standard members can search all contacts, but Supporting members can not. Supporting members can accept contacts that reach out to them though. All members can block any contact.

Vendors (public relations firms, software firms, financial firms, materials and other sourcing firms) for our members tend to join as Supporting members, and they are an important asset to the industry, however, a small number of vendors are premium and standard members. If it becomes a problem, please block the offender and/or let us know by emailing [email protected]

We ultimately hope to create an awesome online communicate where all our members can share helpful knowledge among each other.